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Here is where I share my musings about training in the art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, working everything into my life and who I am as a person. I am definitely not a definitive Bujinkan practitioner (is there such a thing?) and my Sensei has got nothing to do with how I might mess up this area of my life.

With that said, enjoy my blog!

About Me:

I started training in the Bujinkan in 2000 and am currently ranked at yondan (4th dan, in simple English). That doesn’t mean that I am the deadliest martial artist around, but it does mean I’ve had enough time to get an opinion on various aspects of Bujinkan training…

UPDATE: As of September 2013, I have been promoted to godan (5th dan) and am a recognized Shidoshi (full teacher) in the Bujinkan. I am still as opinionated as before, but I haven’t developed any X-men mutant powers to back me up… darn!! 🙂

JJ Godan JJ Shidoshi

More info about my teaching

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Hello,

    My name is Barbara Battistin,I am the Vice President of Bujinkan Dojo Italia I recently got ranked with the sandan by one of our sponsor Anthony Lucas, with the permission of the other sponsors of ours Papasan, and Kostas Kanakis, we also work with Eugenio Penna from Italy.

    With my husband abd my brother in law we are shidoshi-ho sandan, we have three dojos in the north side of Italy, Vicenza, Verona and Padova and about 40 students.

    I work in marketing, and as my job i decided to do something for the italian budoka’s, i am creating a national bujinkanblog where i will concentrate articles from the biggest blogs and web site about the Bujinkan, got already permission from the biggest shihans to do that.

    I have also being enjoying few articles of your web site/blog and fell in love with the articles, and I was wondering if I can have the permission to translate them into italian.

    I will link your blog/web site into our blog and I if you will give me your permission I would like to have our link into your blog.

    Thank you for the time you will dedicate to this matter, greetings from Italy.

    Gambatte! 🙂

    Barbara Battistin
    3° Dan Bujinkan

  3. Hi there,

    As an introduction, we are a TV commercial (TVC) production company. Our client has commissioned us to produce a TVC that involves someone playing a ‘samurai’.

    We are on a look out for a male expert who can do the moves and preferably good looking as well!

    The shoot is one day and tentatively will either be on 22 / 24 / 25 September (this month)

    If you are keen or know of someone who is, I’ll be glad to email you the details like the storyboard

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Nadav permalink

    HI Junjie,
    I’m Nadav, i’ve been studying Bujinkan in Isreal for 6 years now at level Q1.
    I’m going to be traveling Singapore for during July.
    I’ve visited your site and appreciate your work.
    My sensei always encourages us all to see Bujinkan everywhere we travel, since Bujinkan has developed differently around the world, and each sensei have his own unique style although the basic techniques are similar, the combinations and ideas are endless.

    I’ll be very pleased to visit one of your training sessions if i could manage my workload during this week, if it’s OK by you, please reply to my email address.


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