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Class Notes 14 Dec 2017

February 7, 2018

Ura Gyaku

1) Ura Gyaku – there are 3 possible positions you can be at by the completion of the gyaku. We train one as our textbook technique, but we all know in real life all kind of things can go wrong. That is why I grab opportunities to remind you all how to adapt to the 3 possible positions.

2) Torite drill – from jabs, follow back to apply the ura gyaku.

3) Danshu (Gyokko Ryu) – vs sleeve grab and punch

Notice that the kick completes the ura gyaku.

4) Shisai (Gyokko Ryu) – vs rear collar grab.

With one hand, grab the grabbing hand. With the other, turn the body to strike or jodan uke against an incoming jodan tsuki. Use ura gyaku on the grabbing hand.

5) Kubi Suji Tonso no Kata (Togakure Ryu) – vs rear collar grab and pull.

6) U-ryu (Shinden Fudo Ryu) – vs full nelson

At this point of time, we are not studying the kata in and of themselves. We are looking at them to see the different ways ura gyaku can be used. Eventually, we will study these kata for their own sake. And at that time you will see them in new light, because you will learn them in the order that the Soke of old wanted them to be taught in order to convey the essence of that ryuha.

Studying the kihon (basics) is all well and good, but if you want to study a martial art that has been tested in the battlefield, then you must build on top of the foundation of the kihon and move on to the kata of the ryuha of the Bujinkan. Speaking frankly, even if your instructor has battlefield experience, his/her experience and understanding pales compared to the generations of Soke who have not only used their skills on the battlefield, but have also taught and transmitted the hard-earned wisdom from generation to generation to generation.

The ryuha kata were closely guarded secrets. Over the past few years, Hatsumi Soke has been openly sharing the kata, and now information on them has pretty much flooded the Internet. But just because they are easily available, that does not mean they are no longer valuable or useful to us in our quest for true Budo. Human nature is to make light of whatever is easily available. But when we actually buckle down to seriously studying those kata, we will find ourselves growing in skill even more than we have so far.

But all in good time, people. For now we work on things step by step. if we continue at our present rate of progress, we will be ready to start within this year. And I am certainly looking forward to that!

See you at training!

Junjie 俊傑
Bujinkan Ninjutsu


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