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Training – December and Beyond

December 11, 2014
Some announcements:
1) Karl is going to be out of Singapore for the rest of this month, so his classes will resume next year. He will announce on the Singapore Bujinkan FB page. Stay tuned!
2) Holiday Rescheduling – Because Christmas (25th Dec) and New Years Day (1st Jan) both fall on Thursdays (*snarl, gripe, curse…) Classes will be rescheduled to Tuesdays of those respective weeks (23rd Dec and 30th Dec). Why let holidays interfere with getting training, eh?
Do text or email to let me know if you are turning up for those sessions. And if any of you want an extra class on the 16th Dec (Tues) as well as the usual 18th Dec (Thu) session.
3) Class Changes
Tentatively, the main class (Thursdays) will be shifted to start at 8pm from Jan 2015. As I said before in an earlier announcement, Jan- Mar for the main class will be on throws, and that will not be suitable for beginners. So if you haven’t started training yet, you have two options:
a) Cram in as many classes with me as possible for the month of December so you can benefit most from the main class from Jan 2015 onwards; OR
b) join the beginner’s classes that will be run from Jan 2015.
The beginner’s classes will be run under Top Flight Sports, the Ninja Weapon Arts program. Essentially I will be teaching the fundamentals of Bujinkan ninjutsu using weapons (hanbo being the first module). Stay tuned for more details. We are putting in a lot of effort into the planning for this, and I for one am very excited about this!

Anyway, if you have any questions, do email me to ask. I will be emailing again probably next week with more info. In the meantime, see you at training! 🙂

俊傑 (Shunketsu)
Bujinkan Ninjutsu

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