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What I Have Been Working On

September 3, 2014

I haven’t been putting up class notes. It’s selfish, as I want to keep my innovations and teaching secrets to myself and my students. (At least I am honest!) And there is a logical reason – I might want to patent or license my teaching methods as intellectual property later on, so putting it all out for people to see isn’t to my interests.

I need to feed my kids, you know! 🙂

But one thing I can share on is what I am working on myself for my own training. Taijutsu-wise it’s Se-on from Kukishin Ryu. Here’s the only video I could find.

I wasn’t taught this waza as an Osoto Gake, which is how they are doing it here. I was taught it as a defence against Osoto Gake. But if I am going to teach this waza sometime next year (I plan my teaching that far ahead) I will need to teach my students Osoto Gake first, and they have to be really effective at it in order for my defence against the throw to be tested properly.

Here’s a great vid explaining the throw

The only difference I would do is with the sweep at 1:43. Justyn taught me to do that as a downward stamp instead, and I find that works better not only for me but also for my students as well.

Here’s a vid of the throw done slightly differently. I’ll do it this way if I am afraid of being dragged down by a larger, clingy opponent.

Besides all these basic forms, I am also working on throwing from the other side as well. That will allow me to seize the opportunity for the throw should it ever present itself. So this is what I have been thinking of these days in terms of taijutsu. So even as I teach something I am working on something else for my own personal growth! 🙂


俊傑 (Shunketsu)
Bujinkan Ninjutsu


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