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A Fool Provokes

October 6, 2013

Proverbs 27:3 – A stone is heavy, and sand is weighty, but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both.

One thing I don’t talk about much – both my parents are lawyers.

It was never a big deal for me when I was a kid, as I didn’t know what it meant. When I watched TV shows it showed people working in factories, and I always wondered: why didn’t my dad work in a factory, like the people on TV?

But when I got to secondary school (high school, for you people in different school systems) it became a hassle. I was the asocial geek, thus the target for idiotic bullies with something to prove. The fact that my parents were lawyers became fodder for them, as they would jeer at me and taunt me over it. They would challenge me to have my parents sue them (teenage kids??) and they thought they were so brave to taunt someone who wasn’t bothering them at all.

*shrug* When you are an asocial geek their taunts didn’t matter. Besides, I was much more worried about people trying to beat up the lawyer’s kid (me) to prove how brave they are. My parents would bring down the full force of the law upon them later, but that wasn’t gonna help me much when the punches were landing on my face, right? Far better to train in the background (so I had something to fall back on when the punches fly) and just stay inconspicuous in the meantime to avoid being noticed.

Some people remain teenage idiots at heart, regardless of age.

Just recently I was commenting on the overpopulation of Singapore, and that was triggered by how packed our trains were. I have Facebook friends who agree with the government’s population policy, and so it led to some discussion on my timeline, as you can guess. And out of nowhere, this fellow called Mark Chia commented on my timeline, calling me a frog in a well (ignorant of things outside of my own narrow world) and that I should see how crowded the trains in Beijing and Japan were.

MTC 01

Well, I had just come back from Japan, and I got to see first-hand how the train situations in Japan were like. At least within my experience it was nowhere near as crowded as people in Singapore say it is. But Mark Chia wouldn’t know, since he isn’t a Facebook friend of mine at all, right?

“Err… then why was he commenting on your timeline then?” *shrug* he needs the attention, maybe? Anyway, I ignored him. Ignoring trolls usually makes them go away after a while.

But things got worse when someone told him not to piss me off, as I do martial arts. Even Mark Chia’s friend agreed. And Mark Chia himself replied (click on the screenshot to magnify it)

MTC 02

And he later said (click on the screenshot to magnify it)

MTC 03

Again, bear in mind I haven’t said a single word to him at all. As far as I remember, I had never argued with him anywhere on Facebook, whether in groups or on other people’s timelines. And I never attacked him personally (or anyone else on Facebook, since my parents taught me better manners than that). And there he was, on MY Facebook timeline, trying to prove how brave he was by provoking me, someone who had never done anything to him at all.

Some people never grow up, right?

Anyway, he’s just a fool. He’s a rude jerk. Maybe it’s because he had a bad upbringing or he’s been hanging around bad company, but he is still a rude jerk nonetheless. If he appears on my timeline again with anything rude to me or my friends I’ll screenshot it for record and then block him. I already get enough rudeness from someone who is supposed to be a friend. I don’t need a stranger to chime in.

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength” (Eric Hoffer).

In all I do I am answerable to my God, my parents, my spiritual leaders and my martial arts teachers. And my martial arts teachers did not impart to me their lessons and wisdom for me to be bothered by someone like him.

This is the burden we face, jerks who think they are really brave to provoke you, when they are protected by the law and the fact that most martial artists with skills have a lot more patience and self-control than the jerk himself. But that is just how it goes. In the past I hid my involvement with martial arts to avoid trouble from jerks like this, but now that I have a more public profile I guess I’ll just have to take it as part of the territory.

Just remembered this blog post by Wim Demeere. Check it out when you have the time. OK, enough about him. Gotta get on with life and with training!

俊傑 (Shunketsu)

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