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Class Notes – Jumonji & Hicho

May 29, 2013

I have taught the sanshin no kata the best I could for this season. It is pretty much up to the students to carry on from there, since I cannot do all the practice and drilling for them. So we moved on to the kihon happo (literally “basic eight-methods”) in class. We worked specifically on:

1) Jumonji no Kamae

We spent a lesson on this waza, taking time to work on it in the same way as recorded here

The following video is a great reminder of the basic form, what we ought to be drilling a lot more…

2) Hicho no Kamae

A lot of what we did in the previous lessons was meant to lead up to this waza.

Getting this one correct takes a certain level of physical conditioning. First, you need enough conditioning to be able to stand properly on one leg. Next, you have to be able to bend the knee of the supporting leg when doing the block, and yet not lean forward to viciously attack your opponent’s other fist with your face. Then you have to coordinate the straightening of the support knee with the kick.

That takes quite a lot of work! That is why I don’t let beginners try this one. If they don’t have the conditioning for it they may end up developing loads of bad habits. And it is even harder to fix those. Far better to give them stance training (ichimonji, then hicho) for some time first to help build up the basic stability and leg strength. And if the students have been doing all that but still need a bit more scaffolding, they can practice the waza with their backs against a wall. That is a simple way to get the correct down-up movement until they can do it even without the wall.


We will be spending some more time on these two, as well as with fu no kata and ku no kata. After that I still have a couple of main ideas to work on before we move on to the next quarter of the year, with a new emphasis. Don’t know about you, but I for one am really looking forward to all this!

俊傑 (Shunketsu)


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