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Class Notes – Throws Galore

March 29, 2013

It was the final lesson of our grappling season, so I worked on throws, throws and more throws.

1) Ganseki Nage

We worked  on this before, but it still bears repeating. It will take time to really get it right, so i never get tired of working this in class. We started off with our basic form, then moved on to taking the arm with a larger, scooping movement. Why? So that you will get used to capturing the arm without having to pay so much attention to it.

You will also discover that it is not easy to get the ganseki nage correct. When we feel like we are losing our grip on the opponent, the usual tendency is to bring our arm down, when we need to bring it up to get a more secure hold of the opponent. So do work on the movement, even in the air, by yourself in our own practice.

I also pointed out to you about keeping the pressure on the arm after you got it trapped. Don’t let go as you move in. Don’t float up as you move in. And don’t twist too much when you are taking the arm, it breaks your own structure as well as makes it harder for you to move in to throw.

Here is a vid of a slightly different version of ganseki nage. When you get  better at it you can start changing things around when necessary, like they did in the video


2) Uchi Mata

Sometimes your positioning doesn’t allow you to step in that easily. Sometimes it is easier to just kick the nearer leg away. We call that uchi mata.

This is what the formal, judo version of the throw looks like.


3) Osoto Gake

Spin the opponent, shift his weight onto one leg, then kick that leg out.

Here’s a vid of that technique, done a little bit differently.


Are there still more throws than these? Of course! Why do we need so many? Because if you are grappling against an opponent with some skill, trying to make just one technique work will get you defeated quickly. You have to be able to recognize the opportunities that can arise and seize them. The more throws you know the better you can do this.

Continue to keep these moves in your mind. We will return to them again later in your journey. But for next week, get yourselves ready. We are going back to basics, but with the purpose of developing effective striking skill. Get ready!

俊傑 (Shunketsu)

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