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Class Notes – Sui no Kata & Mushadori

March 24, 2013

Class turnout was fluctuating the past few lessons. Most people didn’t really turn up for two or more lessons in a row, so I didn’t have the heart to move on to new material. So I just kept working on the same stuff with those who turned up.

So the same stuff was

1)      Sui no kata (Sanshin no Kata, Pg 14)

Over the past how many years I have learned so many different versions of sui no kata. But for you, at this point of your development, I want you to work on coordinating your hip movement with kamae and the arm movement. If you don’t have that you are not able to use your entire body to power your strikes. So the version you are working on right now will not be the most combat-ready one, but the one that allows you to focus on the correct hip movement.

Many people step back into the kamae with only their feet, and their hips move only partially. Make the hip movement complete when you step back, and when you step forward make sure you:

a)      Use a complete hip movement for the omote shuto;

b)      Maintain a proper kamae, by keeping your front knee pointed correctly.

2)      Mushadori (Kihon Happo, Pg 20) 

This is a simple technique. Coordinate the arm scoop (draw a circle with the elbow) with the stepping and turning your body to face the same direction as the opponent. Common mistakes to avoid:

a)      Moving the arm in a scooping movement but not really moving the opponent’s elbow. That can armbar an opponent, which is still useful, but it doesn’t attack the balance. So in the meantime you are vulnerable to being hit. Move the opponent’s elbow.

b)      Taking too many steps to get into place. The more steps you take, the more time you give your opponent to escape. It is supposed to be only two steps: the first to go next to the opponent, the second to face your body in the same direction.

c)       Not doing a coordinated turn. It looks artistic, when you reach out a foot, transfer the weight to the reaching leg and begin the hip twist, but it doesn’t work. The feet and the hips have to turn together in order to power the mushadori properly.

d)      Wrong distance. The mushadori, like the ganseki nage, works when you are less than one arm’s length distance from the opponent. If you are too close you MIGHT still be able to make it work, but if you move beyond that distance the mushadori will fail.

Reference: some old notes on musha dori

We are drawing near the end of March now. By April we will start on a new theme, a new emphasis in our class. Be prepared to face the discomfort and excitement of growth and learning again!


俊傑 (Shunketsu)

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