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Class Notes – Gekkan

February 18, 2013

For the most recent lesson  I originally planned to do onikudaki, but since only more senior (and coordinated) people turned up, I just fooled around with some techniques that were on my mind.

1) Kouho Uke – blocking with the rear hand.

I would consider this a higher level technique, because it is fundamentally risky. If you have to block an attack with your rear hand, that means you are either going all out in your attack or you messed up your first line of defence, your front hand!

Here’s the video

Later on, as I told you guys in class, I realized my sensei already taught it to me. It’s just that I didn’t remember it! Embarassing to admit, but true!

2) Gekkan

This is one of the formal techniques from Shinden Fudo Ryu dakentaijutsu. To me this school is characterised by really funky movement, but that is what makes it really fun to train in.

Here’s a vid of Sean Askew teaching it. We see some variations first, then at 1:38 we see what we did in class.

Here’s a vid of Hatsumi Soke teaching about it. You’ll have to scroll ahead to 11:46 to see it.

Interesting, right?

The important thing to note is that it takes a basic level of coordination to be able to execute this technique correctly. For this it takes being able to at least do a ka no kata from the sanshin no kata and ura gyaku from the kihon happo in order to start getting it right. And we haven’t really looked at all the finer details yet!

3) Kata Ude Tonso Gata

This is kinda like Gekkan, but started from a grab. It is from Togakure Ryu, that means it is a formal, actual ninjutsu technique. (So the ninja-wannabes will be all happy!). Here’s a vid that i dug up. The actual technique is the second one shown, about 10 seconds into the vid itself.

Of course you guys aren’t that good at these techniques yet. We have spent very little time on them, because most of the people in class aren’t ready for them yet. If all goes well, we’ll work on these a lot more at the last quarter of the year. But that means everyone who turns up for class from now until then has to be prepared to train like nuts to be ready for them.

Now isn’t that something to look forward to? 🙂


俊傑 (Shunketsu)

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