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To The Hooligan

February 14, 2013

In my younger days, when I was 17 to 18 years old, I was nuts over praying mantis style. I wasn’t as nutty as when I was 15 to 16 years old, when I would practice 4 nights a week by myself (and go for class another 2 nights a week), but respectable. Or crazy, depending on how you wanted to look at it.

My teacher once told me and a few of the more committed students, “Don’t spend too much time on this. Study hard. So what if you become really good at martial arts? So what if you can kill a person with one punch? What are you going to do with your life, become a hooligan?”

His words came back to me recently, when I ran into a little hooligan on Twitter.

I am quite active on Twitter, where I talk about religious stuff and my daily life. Not much about martial arts, though, since how many ways can I gripe about techniques and training? One of my Twitter acquaintances is a young-ish girl who tweeted about wanting someone special in her life. So tongue-in-cheek I replied “Someone special? With special needs?”

And a little hooligan who was following her on Twitter thought I was trying to talk dirty to her. He started threatening me, challenging me to meet him and all that. As a representative of my religion, I felt it inappropriate for me to taunt him or insult him, so I invited him to google “special needs” and then apologize to me. Of course that special needs hooligan, with severe disabilities in reading, comprehension and impulse control, didn’t and ended off with a final threat about Singapore being a small place, hinting that he’ll find me sooner or later.

I pity him. I really do.

He is a hooligan. Just a little hooligan. Other than a keenness for violence (doesn’t necessarily translate to actual skill, mind you) he’s got no skills. All he can do is look for a job that might use that, being a bouncer at a Singapore nightspot. And even that is not as impressive to me, because Singaporeans are in general non-violent, so it isn’t as if that job requires as much skill and wisdom as being a bouncer in some other countries.

So he doesn’t get to show off how “awesome”or macho he thinks he is. He can posture, but he doesn’t have much experience in real violence. How can I tell? People who really know violence will try to avoid it, or if they have to execute it will do so without posturing and acting tough first. If he wanted to come after me, for example, he’ll just search the Internet for my pics, download them, and look for me without giving me any hint that I should keep my guard up. That is how professionals, both the good guys and the bad guys, do it. No talk. No threats. Just whack.

He didn’t. And my guard is always up anyway. So there.

Moreover, his life is meaningless. All he can hope for is the chance for his macho fantasies to be of real use in real life. And in this case it expressed itself as trying to defend the honour of some girl via Twitter by making a fool of himself. Guess what? Even if he eventually did get the girl, in the end he’s gotta live with the knowledge that the girl, being a nurse (who of course knows what special needs are), will always be more productive than he is. She will always earn more money than he does. She will always be more respected, truly respected, by society than he will be.

Do you know how this can end up 10 years down the road?

The woman will continue to earn more and therefore pay more of the family expenses. The hooligan will find himself upstaged at work by younger people, or he will get into trouble with his boss, supervisor or the customers because of his temper and be unable to hold a job. So he will end up at home all day, watching TV, drinking beer and being a bum. An unproductive but aggressive one. The woman won’t be able to respect him for long. And if he has a son and the son follows his example, he will totally hate the son because the son reminds him of his own inner frustration and contempt with himself, so he will lose his temper more, frustrate everyone else around him and they will all leave him alone as much as they can.

How much can you have a meaningful family life with someone who is a hooligan and little else?

So, little hooligan, if you ever come across this on the Internet as part of your research on me, let me tell you something.

I will remember your face.hooligan

You can say Singapore is small, but your “social”circle and mine are so different. I won’t go looking for you. I have an office job for my mornings, I teach music in the afternoons and my weekends are taken up with my religious activities. I am crazily busy living a life that is useful to society, and it’s not in your “social” circle.

So if I see your face wherever I am, I’m gonna take it you came looking for me. I still have the tweets you sent me, recorded in my emails, and that is gonna help me prove to the police and the judge in court that whatever I do to you then is out of self-defence.

You still have the chance to grow up, kid. I suggest you do, before you have a family counting on you and one day you wake up knowing that you are a total failure because you totally let them down. I think you are pitiful now, but if you ever let down your own family, you will be even more pitiful than this.

So I leave you with the words of my mantis teacher: “What are you going to do with your life, become a hooligan?”


俊傑 (Shunketsu)

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