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Class Notes – Hanbo

December 14, 2011

The guys brought sticks this week, so we did some hanbo.

What I taught them was:

  1. Bo furi gata – even though this is more a bo technique, it is useful for getting the people used to the shifting of grip along the various parts of the stick that characterizes Kukishin stickwork.
  2. Figure-8s, one-handed – the movement actually comes out in Kukishin Hanbo Chuden (mid-level) techniques, in at least 2 out of the 4. So it’s a good movement to have under your belt.
  3. Stepping offline against a jodan tsuki (high-level attack) – go for the ribs.
  4. Stepping offline and dealing with a gedan tsuki – whack the hand.

I also demo-ed the first two waza from Hatsumi Soke‘s book on hanbo. We didn’t really have enough time to work on them, but I showed them anyway so the guys would know what to expect in future stick training sessions.

I don’t think we’ll return to stick techniques so soon, but I really want to take a few months to work on them sometime next year. That would probably mean making my Tuesday class more exclusive (less beginner-friendly), but I feel I bear my regular students the responsibility of doing my best for advancing their budo skills also. I’ll chew on that and see how it goes from here!  


俊傑 (Shunketsu)


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