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Public Holiday Budo

May 22, 2011

I taught a Budo class on Vesak Day.

I usually don’t enjoy public holidays. Being self-employed, I feel that public holidays are boring, as well as a disruption of any momentum I struggle to build up.

So this Vesak Day I decided to do something different. I sent a text message to a few people, asking them if they’d like to have a special training session. And 3 people turned up.

So we spent our time looking at hicho no kata again. One thing I really enjoyed about having such a small group was the opportunity to be Uke for all of them. It allowed me the one-on-one time that we don’t get in a larger class, and I could highlight each person’s mistakes and loopholes safely.

I mean, it’s better I show gently show them what could possibly go wrong, rather than some other person injures them to demonstrate it. In my classes, safety is paramount; my students have decent control over their techniques, but for the more dangerous stuff I prefer to be the one who shows it.

Conclusion? I think public holiday training sessions are the way to go. They allow me to train (most important) as well as train up people who would otherwise not be able to make it for my usual Tuesday classes. Since they don’t come often, I think I’ll use such sessions to focus on stuff that I don’t usually work on, such as an intro to hanbo or some other self-contained topics.

Junjie Huang
俊傑 (Shunketsu)


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