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Sparring Session Postponed

January 31, 2011

In a few of the previous posts, I talked about looking at Budo Taijutsu from a sparring perspective. My reason for that was simple – I had a sparring session coming up!

It was scheduled for the 27th of this month. But it got postponed, because the venue (a Community Centre in Singapore) had a last minute event there, so we couldn’t use the place. So a blood donation drive put off the final moment of truth! 😀

Because of the sparring, I was pushing myself quite hard in training. And the moment I found out that the session was postponed, I kind of crashed. Suddenly, I became very slack in my training and found it hard to motivate myself to train as hard as before.

Not that it was all bad, mind you. While I was preparing for sparring, I was ignoring weapons and the Torite Kihon Goho because I wasn’t expecting to use them very easily. So I got rusty in my jo techniques and kenjutsu. After the session was postponed, I felt better to look at all those other areas that I have ignored. Anyway, I HAVE to look at a whole lot of ignored areas anyway, if I want to live up to my own standards of yondan (4th dan) and be able to teach the right stuff in the future.

More on teaching in my next post! 🙂


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