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When I Am Totally Out-Classed

August 20, 2010

Last night Jacob (a dan-grade from another club from overseas) came by the class again and showed me a very interesting waza. It’s kinda like this:

  1. Uke punches – Jodan Uke while going into a tighter (almost like a horse stance) kamae.
  2. Punch with a cross BEFORE stepping in and taking Uke’s wrist. Use the punch to also jam the guarding hand.
  3. Pull the wrist down to the hip while moving the punching hand (and Uke) along the direction of his spine.
  4. Uke falls over and goes “OW OW OW”, as he is supposed to do.

The interesting part was whenI was trying to do the technique on the other side (making it more Ura Gyaku-ish), Jacob commented that I had broken my own kamae, that I was out of balance (because I was using my arm-strength, rather than taijutsu).

That immediately brought me back to the training session I had with Philip on Tuesday, when at one point in the exchange he said “Your stance is broken”


“You are off-balance.”


“This is what a good fighter will do. This is when a good fighter will launch his REAL attack.”


So after Jacob’s comment, I realized that I am pretty crappy. It’s one thing to be maneouvered into being off-balance by a skilled fighter, it is quite another to know that I am moving myself there by my own stupidity!

I wouldn’t get to notice all these things when I am training the newbies. I learn only when I train with people who totally out-class me. Later on in that class, Jacob was demonstrating to one of the newbies about hitting, punching at the chest but trying to hit into the heel of the opponent. To make his point he kept telling the newbie “Hit me, just hit me!”

Later on, on the MRT, I was telling that newbie “that’s the feeling of being totally out-classed, to know that someone looks at you and thinks you are so insignificant a threat to him that he’s even letting you hit him…” and the newbie totally agreed. How did I know that feeling? Because I have been getting very used to that feeling this season!

Philip and Jacob. One showing me that there is a lot of the world out there, far beyond what I know of Bujinkan Taijutsu, another showing me that even in Bujinkan Taijutsu there is a heck of a lot that I don’t know. Only a real martial artist will face all this discouragement and frustration and actually enjoy it!

Don’t comment on my sanity (or lack thereof). I already have a wife who does that! šŸ˜€


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