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Daddy’s Boasting

May 29, 2010

I don’t boast or show off very much, because I am actually very humble. If you want to describe me in three words they’d be handsome, intelligent and humble. 😀

But once in a while I do get really proud of myself, so is it OK that I boast on my blog?

All you martial arts daddies and those who instruct younger kids, when was the last time you had kids focussed on practicing serious techniques and foundational stuff, in fact, BEGGING you for the chance to practice?

I had that this week. Jessiah was begging me for the chance to practice. And his practice wasn’t children’s games with martial elements. He was standing in one spot, shifting his weight from the back leg to the front and back again (vital taijutsu movement), paying full attention to getting his arm position right and the arm and leg movements in sync. He was sweating profusely from the effort required, and yet I had to order him to stop practice and move on to some other activity. He didn’t want to stop.

Dang, I am GOOD!

So how did I get Jessiah so motivated to do all this? I set up a target in the living room and handed him some rubber shuriken. ’nuff said.

As I watched him focus on the target, getting his arm movements right, displaying zanshin, I realized that I should have done this ages ago. One thing about shuriken training, he can see if he gets his movement right, because the shuriken go where he wants them to go. That immediate feedback motivates him to work on stuff that would otherwise be too tedious and boring for normal kids of his age.

Dang, I am good!

Though I have to admit, there are weirder moments, like when he chose to hang up a towel on the target. The towel had the following image on it. And I must admit I was disturbed when I was demonstrating shuriken throwing for him and he kept saying, “Go for the eyes, Daddy, go for the eyes!”



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  1. Good job, dude. Something for me to bear in mind for the future, hehehh.

    Also… “Go for the eyes!” LOL!

  2. Freaky words when coming from an 8 year old talking about Thomas the Tank Engine… 🙂

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