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Looking back at May

May 25, 2010

What I wanted to write:

May was totally great! I stretched myself like nuts, though, but maybe that’s why it was great. I decided I had enough of sanshin and kihon happo. There’s still much more to the Bujinkan than this. Isn’t it irresponsible for me to ignore all the rest of the material Hatsumi Soke has made available for us and just concentrate on what I feel least insecure about? Enough of wax-on-wax-off! So I spent a lot of time doing….

But that didn’t happen.

I came down with a very bad flu-type thingy and for the first two weeks I struggled to keep up with work (and failed). I felt so weak most of the time I ended up sleeping 8-10 hours a day. Turning up for the class was fine, but my own personal training pretty much went down the drain. The best I could do was try to squeeze in an occasional 5-10 mins here and there while waiting for the bus.

yes, I’m already used to the stares. It’s OK! 🙂

When I didn’t have much energy left, what did I train? Sanshin again! *sigh* This was supposed to be the month I went Koto Ryu style and started drilling myself in the Shoden kata. This was supposed to be the month I ramped up my physical fitness even more. This wasn’t supposed to be the month I slept more and grew slack…

OK, I’ll just treat May 2010 as a fluke and get back to the regular swing of things. And yes, I am still interested in Koto Ryu this month. A long time ago, I read that Stephen K. Hayes (he who must not be named!!!) chose to use more Koto Ryu in his kihon syllabus than the usual Gyokko Ryu that the rest of the Bujinkan was doing. His reasoning was that Koto Ryu was easier to get the hang of compared to all the finer details present in Gyokko Ryu. After spending quite a bit of time drilling in the waza from both schools, I find that I totally agree.

And last Thursday Karl’s previous teacher (the one he studied with before he came to Singapore), taught the class and showed a lot of little Koto Ryu type details that I only read about before but couldn’t envisage. After the class I finally could. So I fully intend to start implementing all those little details as I prepare to make June the start of my Koto Ryu drilling period.

Hopefully it goes better than how it did in May! 🙂

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  1. Stephen K. Hayes… wait, I think I know who that is. LOL!

  2. Yah, he’s pretty much pissed off the Grandmaster too much this time. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any helpful material, he does. But in the Bujinkan he ain’t kosher (or halal, Singaporean context).

    He’s not shy to criticise the Grandmaster, but in a snide way. I can’t respect that, even though he’s an ang-moh. Examples of his criticisms:

    and this one


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