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Bonding over Junan Taiso

November 22, 2009

A few nights ago, my elder boy saw me practising junan taiso. He asked me “Daddy, why are you doing this? It’s so easy!”

(this, by the way, is because I keep telling him that he should practice whatever is challenging but good for his body. The implication he got is that if it’s easy it need not be practiced.)

“Son, this is NOT easy at all for your daddy! You see this?”


“This is as low as I can go for now!”

“Are you sure???” I hate the incredulous tone in his voice!

“Yes, son. This has ALWAYS been tough for your daddy…”

“You see? I can go lower than you!”

“Yes, son, in this you are better than your daddy…” It’s ok to admit this to a seven year old once in a while. “Do you know that when I was your age I couldn’t even touch my toes like this?”

“But, daddy, you are thirty-something years old! I am only seven, so you should be better than me in this!”

“Son, stretching is one of those things you have to keep practicing to stay good at! If you are not that good at it to begin with, you need to work even harder… just like your daddy!”

With that he proceeded to do all the stretching exercises I was doing, but a lot better, of course. That was an evening of father-son bonding over junan taiso. I am sure I am gonna remember this conversation fondly for years to come! 🙂


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One Comment
  1. Fraser permalink

    Came across this many years ago good reference for beginners 🙂

    regards Fraser

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