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Should I Teach Self-Defence?

October 20, 2009

Been pondering this issue a lot.

Here’s the struggle. I love Bujinkan Taijutsu. I can teach and train that all the time and be really happy. But yet there’s a lot of self-defence info and thoughts stored up within me, and I’d love to impart that to people as well.

Problem is: if I were to do that I’d have to teach a lot of stuff that’s from outside the Bujinkan. So I don’t feel comfortable identifying what I teach as being from the Bujinkan.

So, do I have the ego size necessary to call what I am doing Bujinkan ++? Or make no reference to the Bujinkan at all? But also doesn’t feel right. It is Bujinkan taijutsu I know, I come from the Bujinkan and I am proud of it.

Anyway, I’m going to ponder this more. I’ve also been writing some material and information for the students, as well as planning the lessons. James (one of the other black belts) was telling me that I’m going to need structure if I do these classes. I reminded him that I not only like structure, I am the most anal retentive of the whole lot of us.

He was supposed to violently disagree and say “Don’t say that, JJ! You are actually quite a nice guy!” But he didn’t… 🙂

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