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Karl got his 5th Dan!

October 6, 2009

Karl got his 5th Dan!

He went to Japan, took his sakki test and passed. So he’s Godan now.

Justyn is of course proud of this, and justifiably so. Karl is very much Justynian in his mindset and taijutsu. In fact, a lot more Justynian than I am! 🙂 So Karl’s passing of the sakki test as a result of normal, regular training (no sensitivity or ki exercises) is a pretty strong vindication of Justyn’s teaching approach.

You can guess this has been pretty inspiring for me. I don’t see myself going Japan anytime within the next year or so, and besides, I am still 3rd Dan. But still, Karl’s Godan is a reminder of what is coming up soon in my own Budo journey.

Can’t imagine, it’s been 9 years since I first started lessons, and at that time there was only one yudansha in whole of Singapore. Now in Karl and James’ class the newbies get to partner with black belts so much. Honestly, they’ve got no excuse to not do well!

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