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Punching Bag!

June 30, 2009

There’s a punching bag, one of those big heavy ones hung from the ceiling, at a gym near by. Yes!!!!

I love the solid twack sound that comes from connecting with the bag with a fudoken. That does help me feel a lot better, a lot more confident about my tsuki.

Hatsumi Soke wrote in one of his books that there is no way to acquire reliable striking skill without actually hitting something. Well, I’m proud to announce that whatever striking I’ve done before (mainly shuto on bus-stop pillars) seems to be working, at least when I test out my strikes on a punching bag.

The way the bag is set up doesn’t inspire enough confidence for me to kick it. I’m no master of the Kung Fu secrets of Death, but I really think I’m gonna damage something if I sokuyaku that bag. So I guess that’ll have to wait for now…


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