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Training Injuries

June 11, 2009

Looking back on my nearly 9 years of training, I find it interesting that I’ve only had some form of training injury 3 times. That works out to about once every 3 years on average.

(while the dissers diss I shall continue as if they don’t exist)

The first time was when I got kicked in the ribs by a Tae Kwon Do guy. I caught his first kick and didn’t immediately follow-up with kicking his balls out of existence. So he did a Tae Kwon Do jumping-kick-me-with-the-other-leg thingy because I hesitated.

(And once I recovered I kept drilling keri gaeshi…)

Another time was when we were doing Fubi (Shinden Fudo Ryu) ending off with Ashi Jime. My partner didn’t get the Ashi Jime right, so my sensei walked over to him, used one kick to kick him into the right position, and I couldn’t walk properly for weeks after that.

The most recent one came in April this year when someone in class managed to mess up an Ura Gyaku and the preceeding Kuzushi and yet have me fall with all my weight onto my gyaku-ed wrist.

Yeah, strange things happen, I know…

Training injuries are a hassle. I try to see what I can learn from them, but I’d rather be un-injured and continue with my regular training regime. From the ankle one I learned how taijutsu works when I can’t put all my weight onto my right foot. That was a great lesson. But from the most recent one the only lesson I got from it is don’t laugh even when someone messes up an Ura Gyaku. Bad things can still happen! 🙂

Junjie (Shunketsu)


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