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Regime Update

March 9, 2009

This season I have adopted a regime that’s made up of

1) Sanshin and Kosshi Kihon Sanpo
2) Kenjutsu Kiri
3) Tskui and Keri
4) Torite Kihon Goho

Notice that 1 and 3 involve kicks, while 2 and 4 don’t? I’ve spaced the whole thing out so that there isn’t any day I am especially demanding on my legs. My Kamae isn’t that low, but it’s still low enough. And when you add in the number of reps I’m doing, well, I really would like to be able to walk normally the next day!

Funokoshi (one of the founders of karate) is supposed to have said ‘low stances are for beginners’. Hmm… I seem to qualify!

The kenjutsu kiri are helping me develop endurance mentally and physically. Kamae, kamae, kamae! Don’t let the blade drop, get the exact angle for the cut, are my legs in the right place?

At this point I don’t need to take days off for my body (especially my legs) to recover. I miss training some days because I’m busy, but I am trying to be more disciplined. It looks like I’m gonna be starting a day job soon. Keeping up with the kenjutsu is gonna get a lot tougher then, but overall I expect improvements, if not directly in my taijutsu then at least in my fitness. That was what happened the last time I had a day job. I’d squeeze in an intense workout pretty much every workday. Why? Because the office was freezing cold!!!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve started another blog on the Bujinkan in Singapore. So this blog is gonna be for the more personal training stuff while the other one will be slightly more universal. Take a look at it, I am my usual charming opinionated self there too!


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