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Fitness and me

February 9, 2009

The fudoken and sokuyaku geri exercises are demanding physically. I’m going for 20 reps of each exercise for each side, my legs are shaking and wobbling. Not a dignified state for a sandan to be, but there you go.

This is one set of exercises I wish I created in my kyu days. They would have improved my overall conditioning then (instead of waiting till now) and made me feel a little more secure in my basics.

One thing I read years ago when I first began training in Budo Taijutsu was that the movements were not meant for keeping fit, They would only strengthen the thighs and that was about it. Over the years I have discovered how true that statement was, and realized that I needed to add in arm exercises to have a more balanced physical development.

But I put them off. Why? Thinking seriously, I realized that I always had the subconscious belief that I wasn’t physically fit and couldn’t become strong. It was a psycho-cybernetics kinda thing. So my attempts at exercise were sporadic at best.

Then came a season when I had 20 mins of working out 5 days a week. Why? Because there was a nice shiny new gym for me to use. And i didn’t really push myself, I just would go to muscle fatigue in 2 sets and move on.

I grew marginally stronger (you have to if you keep this up for a few months) but the real change was inside me. I suddenly realized that I could make myself do something consistently. Maybe I was a more disciplined person than I thought?

Anyway, this season I am alternating between knuckle push-ups and hindu push-ups (the Royal Court of Bodyweight exercises, love ’em!) There’s something different about doing sanshin, kihon happon (or just tsuki and keri) just after doing push-ups. I feel more alive…


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