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Sanshin and Kihon Happo again?

January 17, 2009

For the past two weeks, my personal training has been to go through the sanshin and kihon happo techniques. Haven’t been as consistent as I’d like, I only did them twice each week.

Why those techniques? Well, putting it simply, I don’t think I am THAT good at them yet. (sobering sandan realization, I know) The more I practice them, the more I feel that whoever compiled them was a genius. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about them and the way they are put together.

So logically I should be bored with them by now. But I am not. The past few years I had a list of variations to put those exercises through (with back against a wall, with a wall at one side, stuck in a corner, moving forward and all that) but this year, well, so far I am happy doing the basic version I was taught when I first started lessons.

I’m soon going to go even more basic than that. Sometime back I compiled some basic tsuki and sokuyaku geri exercises into a set. That set is a real workout! And I’ll add that to my budo regime soon, maybe next week.

Will post updates on that soon. 🙂


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